A Beautiful Lie

Tom Cunningham

The Berlin-based American Singer-Songwriter's latest album touches bases in rock, soul, and country with good grooves and evocative lyrics...

Tom Cunningham's latest, A Beautiful Lie, has just been released (spring 2005), worldwide over the Internet and in Europe on Edel/Dunefish. According to the label,

"...in the grand Singer-Songwriter tradition he skillfully navigates between the pillars of rock, blues, pop und (new) country. But it doesn't matter which genre he's using, groove and musical depth supply the basis..."

The American singer-songwriter who lives and works in Berlin Germany with ties to Nashville has good reason to be proud of this record. It is arguably his best to date a state-of-the art collection of songs whose lyrics explore love, life, and living with depth, precision, and humor. Recording commenced in late 2002 in Nashville; the album was finally completed in late 2004 in Berlin. Many talented friends and colleagues made contributions, among them a stellar cast of Nashville musicians, Nashville singers Kim Parent and Amy and Katie Davis, Mike Bush of Trackshack Studios, Berlin divas McKinley Black, Pamela Bethke, and IndiJana, and Roland Hackl of Vienna, who expertly mixed the first single, "Love You Again."

"You should get your hands on a copy of 'A Beautiful Lie.' It's an album for everyday use - you can let your emotions run free and snap your fingers. Listen and you will sing, dance, laugh, cry, love, laugh, and simply chill. It's got a country touch as well, so keep it in the glove compartment: it's suitable for city or highway driving. Take me home, Cunningham!" - Tina Hahn, CDstarts.de

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